Protect machines and devices when they travel to your customer. Railroad, road, flight and sea transports and temporary outdoor storage expose products to varying weather conditions and other external risk factors.

Tarpaulin protective covers are made with craftsmanship of the best materials to match demanding circumstances. Permanent fixing and good functioning are guaranteed by technical details. Protective covers for machines and devices manufactured by us are used e.g. by Wärtsilä, Metso Paper, ABB, Rolls-Royce and many other industrial companies.

Tarpaulin protective cover works

  • The recipient receives a clean, tidy and undamaged product
  • Individual measuring
  • Company’s colours and logos on the protective cover
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Endures winds and showers
  • Can be opened and closed
  • Hatches that can be opened and closed make fixing and lifting easier
  • Address and info pockets
  • The same cover for transportation and storage