Recent projects


puhdistamon altaan kate - tarpaulin

A cover was built in Juankoski over the sewage treatment plant basin, to protect it from rain, and particularly in winter, from freezing. In extreme frost, heater blowers can be placed underneath the cover to keep the frost away.

We manufactured a steel frame over the service bridge to make it possible to walk on the bridge after the cover …

Logo on a protective cloth of a hall

Logo hallikankaan päälle

In Koski, southwest Finland, Westas Group renewed their facade image.  Four big halls got a new image, when old logos were upgraded and replaced with new ones. The open and windy location of the place was ideal for the challenging installation work. A work well planned and done is worth doing, as the new logos are now clearly visible to …

Walls and steel-framed sliding doors made of tarpaulin

teräsrunkoiset liukuovet suojakankaasta

The tin-roofed warehouse was protected from weather. Partition and back walls were tensioned of tarpaulin to an existing framework, and they were anchored to the ground. Steel-framed sliding doors were built to protect the doorway, and a small skirt was left to their lower part to protect from the snow. Practicality which pays and which can be felt every day.

Ceiling made of protective fabric

sisäkatto suojakankaasta

A ceiling made of protective fabric was mounted under a metal-sheeted roof in a warehouse located in the Port of Naantali. The ceiling is mounted to the existing structures using ’pocket technique’ which allows the tensioning of the fabric by means of lines placed e.g. around the smoke vent. The final result is tidy; no dust or any other dirt …

Special protective curtain

Suojaverho - Tarpaulin

The need for protection may be small, nevertheless, quite necessary. Separate protective curtains were installed in the Kakola sewage treatment plant in between the chemical container/pump and the emergency shower.

Working area with a double cloth and sliding doors with steel frames

Työtila tuplakankaalla ja teräsrunkoisin liukuovin

A working area equipped with a double cloth was built into a shelter located in Hyvinkää thus making it possible to heat the shelter also in winter.

Two door openings were made to the tent, and steel-framed sliding doors were mounted to the openings. They were coated with a PVC cloth on both sides. The usability was expanded even more …

A protective cover for the wall

suojapeite seinälle - tarpaulin

Protective covers can also be used for furnishing purposes. White cloths, so-called ’whitening walls’ were installed inside an industrial hall, over walls turned dark, to bring more light into the working premises and to make them more comfortable.

Door curtains with mesh

oviverhot verkkokankaalla

Door curtains were mounted to a courtyard shelter of a hardware store located in Parainen. Because of the large wind surface, a mesh is used to reduce the effect of the power of the wind.