Machine cover working every day


A dust cover made of transparent cloth was placed over a label printer. Despite the protection, it is still easy to see clearly how the printer is working.

Cover for a framework

Kate kehikolle

Custom made covers for the framework were made for the sewage treatment plant of the City of Helsinki, over the maintenance level. The covers were equipped with windows and openable access hatches. The purpose of the covers was to protect the space from dust that is generated during the process. Additionally, the cover is easy to dismantle and reinstall, if …

A protective cover for a bridge crane

Siltanosturin kate

The cover assembled of several individual pieces consists of three roof pieces, four corner pieces and two end pieces. A challenge of its own for the assembly work will be brought about by the height (12 m) and the length (35 m). When properly made, this protective cover will do its job for 10–15 years.


Cover over a bridge crane

Siltanosturin suojapeite

A new cover was installed over a bridge crane to protect the crane mechanisms, such as electric motors, gears etc. items exposed to weather circumstances.

A logo was included in the cover, functioning at the same as an advertisement for the company.

A protective cover functions also as an advertisement

A protective cover functions also as an advertisement. Unloading of an engine near destination. An engine weighing 295 tons has got still 500 kilometres to go to its destination in Amman, Jordan. All the way there advertising the company whose product is travelling. Media coverage guaranteed.

A protective cover for a machine with functioning details

Good design work and resourcing of the factory have a significant role in order to be able to deliver the cover for a machine installed on the nose of a crane on the delivery date. We recommend thinking about details. Many things can be done properly, when the technical details have been included in the planning from the very beginning.