Repairs of a hall cover, Turku

Hallikatteen korjaaminen

Repair and alteration works were carried out to the hall covers of Ekopartnerit Oy in Turku.
A waste disposal system had been installed in the hall, and for this reason, it had been necessary to cut the covers open. It was our task to fix the holes and to build frames for the access openings, where the covers could …

Replacement of a hangar cover

Hallin katteen vaihto

Tervalentäjät, an Oulu-based aviation association, got a new cover for their hangar. The hangar is medium-sized (length 15 m and width 17 m), and the condition of the structures fairly good, and therefore, it took only a few days to complete the installation project. The old cover was removed to make way for the new one.

Hall combined to another

Hallikatteen osittainen vaihto

A hall located in Salo consists of two parts. Combined with an opening providing access to either part, they function as a big working space and a warehouse. It was about the time to renew the cover of one of those hall parts. The hall under work, is 50 m long, 30 m wide, and the rooftop height is 12 …

Vent meshes in the hall afterwards

tarpaulin pressuhalli

Did you know that it is possible to install vent meshes in the tarpaulin hall also afterwards? It was done that way e.g. at the Meyer yard in Turku.

A cover for a warehouse hall, Sipoo

Soon there will be snowflakes floating in the air, or there may be heavier snowfalls. A snow load on top of the protective cover may become fatal for the warehouse. This happened last winter in Sipoo; however, now we have mounted a new cover. Winter may come!

A cover for a manege

Hallikatteen vaihto - Tarpaulin

The mounting begins from the ridge line and with dropping the hems down. After the alignment, we start going through the anchorage points, and there certainly are quite a few of them. The usability will be improved by battening the edges. As a whole, the mounting was completed in a few days, and after that, the manege (length 67 m …

Renovations of existing covers

Katteen huolto

We take care of alterations and renovations of existing covers. Framework structures were reinforced in a warehouse hall located in the harbour. There was an inner cover attached to the roof to protect the premises from dust. In order to be able to carry out the job, the fabric of the inner cover was lowered down, and after the reinforcement …


puhdistamon altaan kate - tarpaulin

A cover was built in Juankoski over the sewage treatment plant basin, to protect it from rain, and particularly in winter, from freezing. In extreme frost, heater blowers can be placed underneath the cover to keep the frost away.

We manufactured a steel frame over the service bridge to make it possible to walk on the bridge after the cover …

Logo on a protective cloth of a hall

Logo hallikankaan päälle

In Koski, southwest Finland, Westas Group renewed their facade image.  Four big halls got a new image, when old logos were upgraded and replaced with new ones. The open and windy location of the place was ideal for the challenging installation work. A work well planned and done is worth doing, as the new logos are now clearly visible to …

Walls and steel-framed sliding doors made of tarpaulin

teräsrunkoiset liukuovet suojakankaasta

The tin-roofed warehouse was protected from weather. Partition and back walls were tensioned of tarpaulin to an existing framework, and they were anchored to the ground. Steel-framed sliding doors were built to protect the doorway, and a small skirt was left to their lower part to protect from the snow. Practicality which pays and which can be felt every day.