Door curtains for the extension

A hardware store in Sauvo needed additional door curtains as an extension to the old ones, when the shelter was expanded. The door curtains mounted earlier have served already for years.

Door curtains for an annex

Oviverhot autotalliin

Door curtains for a detached house will be made to measure. These curtains were delivered with rails and mounting instructions. The persons who ordered the job mounted the curtains by themselves, and were pleased with both the ordered job and the delivery.

Door curtains


A six-metre-high cover for timber was protected with door curtains decorated with a logo and a colour stripe. The door curtain has an excellent usability, as the corners have been equipped with arch rails and there is a signal coloured stripe in the hem.

Room for washing inside the hall

Pesutila hallin sisälle

It is easy to arrange room for washing inside the hall. Inside protective curtains you can wash and spatter, and water will not splash into the environment. An auxiliary frame was built and mounted on the rail. Two places for washing were created at the same time.

A partition wall made of PVC cloth

A partition wall made of PVC cloth was built into an industrial hall in Lappeenranta for the reason that there are two different companies operating in the same premises. The uppermost purpose of the partition wall was to obtain sound insulation and at the same time to build a screen. The work went smoothly thanks to dimensioning carried out in …

Door curtains with auxiliary frames

Door curtains with auxiliary frames were made to an existing open shelter as well as end cloths to the ends of the shelter because the client needed to protect materials from rain and dust. Tarpaulin solves the client’s problems. This is also manifested in good execution as the curtains and structures were measured in advanced on site.