Tarpaulin – an expert on protection

Located in Rusko, in Finland, Tarpaulin Oy has manufactured custom-dimensioned protective covers and tarpaulins as long as from 1951. With regard to its capacity, Tarpaulin is the biggest manufacturer of protective covers in Finland.

Objects to be covered include e.g. several industrial machines and devices. In addition to machine covers, our production includes door curtains, covers for halls and their repairs. Our expertise includes also the protection needs of marine engineering as well as a wide range of special solutions. We accept your challenge willingly!

We protect machines and devices in a comprehensive manner, providing custom-made solutions without forgetting practical details. The cornerstones of our activities are security of supply, understanding a customer’s business as well as the efficiency of our solutions in the customer’s processes. Quality and reliability bear fruit as customer satisfaction and long-term customer relations.

From where did it all begin?

A sea captain from Naantali established Tarpaulin Oy in 1951 to cover the protection needs of marine traffic. At that time, products included covers for life boats and decks as well as pilot and escape ladders. The company was based in Naantali for 40 years, after which it was relocated to Rusko. At the same time the focus shifted to industrial protection needs, and PVC coated cloth became an established material for the products. The current owners took over the reins in 2007, being the fifth ones in succession.